Projects and investments

Projects and investments

1. Beginning and termination of sewage and asphalt works on the streets

2. Arrangement of the central areas of the two villages - Maieru and Anieş – with sidewalks and lighting

3. Construction of a wedding hall of European standards – one in in Maieru and one in Anieş

4. We terminated the feasibility study for the asphalt work on the tour road from Valea Anieşului to the area between Anieşe (the area has a distinct tourism potential)

5. Construction of a sports hall in Anieş

6. After the streets are asphalted, 2 microbuses shall provide the daily transport of the citizens every half hour from Anieş – Hait area, to the exit of Maieru and Purcioaia to Valea Caselor

7. The execution of a project to obtain the financing of the construction and repair of agricultural roads

8. Purchase of medical devices

9. Attracting investors, in order to create jobs

10. Maintaining the investments up to now

11. Execution of a monument dedicated to heroine mothers

12. Asphalt works in Anieş – colony area