Forest District

 The Forest District of Maieru is subordinated to the Local Council of Maieru and provides public service attributions in the forest area, in accordance with the present organization norms, being organized as a local public company.

The Forest District of Maieru has the purpose to provide a sole and durable administration, in accordance with the stipulation of forest arrangements, and the forest regime norms, of the forest areas owned by the town of Maieru, in order to increase the contribution of the forest to the environment conditions and the superior capitalization of the wood material, as well as other specific products and services.

The Forest District of Maieru administrates the pastures in the wood area, and alpine pastures owned by the Local Council of the town of Maieru located in its district area (Rodna Mountains), in compliance with the norms of management of the pastures issued by the public authority.

The Forest District can administrate, upon the basis of the principles stipulated in paragraph 1, private-owned forest properties or belonging to the territorial administration of other towns or entities, upon the basis of a contract with the Forest District in terms of economic profitability.

The Forest District of Maieru has the purpose of activity:

- applying the national and local strategy in the field of forest administration for the forest owned or administered by contract by the town of Maieru, and its purpose is the defence, preservation and sustainable development of the forests and for the management of the hunt and fishing fund (obtained in accordance with the Law), to collect and capitalize by trading specific products of the forest fund and other trading activities in accordance with the legislation in force, in conditions of economic efficiency, exercising forest-specific public services.

The products specific to the forest fund, as well as the other goods collected thereof, are processed and sold as follows:

1- main, secondary, accidental and forest hygiene wood products, as well as products obtained from the processing thereof.

2- other wood products: ornamental trees, forest seeding, willow and willow interlacing, different wood products.

3- specific non-wood products such as: game from hatchery and from the hunt funds managed thereof, fish from mountain waters, trout farms, ponds and lakes in the forest founds, forest berries, forest seeds, comestible mushrooms from the spontaneous flora, medicine and aromatic plants, resins and other similar.

4- trade with wood and other wood products, participates in auctions organized by other entities, performs other trading activities with economic efficiency grounds.

5- performs mountain tourism activities.

6- sets and arranges grounds surfaces in order to seed trees and ornamental trees.

The Forest District has the following responsibilities:


- provides the integrity of the stock of wood, and sustainable management of the forest thereof, aiming the continuous increase of its quality and functionality.

- organizes and executes the guard of the managed forest fund against illegal chopping, theft, damaging, degrading, pasturing, poaching and other damaging acts, as well as the measures for wood fire prevention and fire fighting, providing the needed technical endowment.

- organizes and executes in accordance with the stipulations of forest arrangements, the summary studies, of arrangement and other specialized studies, the ecologic regeneration and reconstruction works, as well as the care of young trees and maintenance of seedlings and plantations.

- provides the execution and survey by an adequate information system, of the regeneration compositions assessed in the forest arrangements or other specialized studies.

- surveys the protection of the grounds of the stick of wood against the erosion and other forms of degradation and follows the execution of the correction works of the torrents of the stock of wood.

- provides the appropriate health condition of the forests, organizing actions needed to discover, prevent and fight against illnesses and parasites:

- mounts and capitalizes the wood materials which shall be collected annually, from the managed forests, destined to economic entities and population, in accordance with the forests’ capacity, assessed in forest arrangements.

- controls the compliance of the regulations in forest and wood exploitation area, in order to prevent the damages of the seedlings and trees, soil degradation, wood declassification, as well as the control of other similar acts, and takes measures upon the basis of the legislation in force, penalizing any offences.

- controls the origin of the wood materials and other products specific to the wood fund, the legality of their circulation, and penalizes the irregularities, in accordance with the legal stipulations in force.

- provides the capitalization in good economic conditions of the wood products approved for collection in accordance with the legislation in force.

- executes directly or via specialized economic entities, exploitation works and processing of the wood material from the forests, in accordance with the legislation in force, for a reasonable management of the forest and a superior capitalization of wood, providing regeneration in time of young trees and avoid the declassification of wood.

- proposes the execution of a forest road network needed to make accessible the forest areas for the exploitation of the wood material and a better management of forest, tourism, hunting, in compliance with the legislation.

- executes repair works of the roads managed, at their expense or via specialized economic entities.

- manages the fishing and hunting stocks in the mountain waters obtained in accordance with the law.

- manages the legally protected areas.

- processes and capitalizes non-wood products, specific to the forest stocks, forest berries, comestible mushrooms in the spontaneous flora, medicinal, technical, aromatic and other similar plants.

- provides upon request specialized services in the privately owned forests (natural persons) or belonging to other territorial administrative entities, as well as the lands with forest vegetation outside the forest stocks, such as: works of marking the trees which can be cropped, inventories of the wood stocks, forestations, fly control, etc.

- provides, in compliance of the law, by contract, the guard of the private forests, upon the owners’ request.

- provides services, works and transport for third parties, in accordance with the purpose of the activity.

- executes a full range of domestic and foreign trading operations, for an efficient capitalization of the forest specific products, in compliance with the law.

- establishes relations with state companies, private companies and other Romanian or foreign legal entities or natural persons in order to execute partnership activities of production and trading on contractual basis, in the condition of the market economy, in compliance with the law.

- provides lodging and meal services for Romanian and foreign citizens involved in the activities corresponding to its purposes, in the areas with such destination.

- proposes the Local Council the credit policy and other financing sources, programs and execution of the economic-financial activity, executes the balance of accounts, surveys and analyses the execution thereof and proposes the destination of the profit, in compliance with the law.

- assesses the necessary measures in order to obtain profits.

- surveys the application in the forest area of the scientific results, in order to modernize and improve the forest management.

- proposes the contracting of forest cadastre works with the specialized institutions.

- executes any attributions stipulated by the Law in connection with the management of the wood, hunt and fishing stocks.

- performs activities with wood, other wood or non-wood products, participates to auctions for the wood stocks of other entities, performs other trading activities.

- approves the wood stock requests for heating and works, for the population’s needs, within the limits set by the Local Council, with the prior acceptance of the Town Hall.

- provides in compliance with the law the technical-material supply in order to perform the own activity by means of domestic or foreign economic entities.

- surveys the execution of the contracted works, participates at the reception and keeps the record of the fixed assets resulted after such works are done.


Organization Structure

The Forest District of Maieru is organized as a distinct structure, in similar conditions with other forest districts, subordinated to the National Company of Forests, and operates via:

  • The district office, managed by a forest engineer – head of the district.

  • 2 forest department + 1 forest brigade, in the territorial area, managed by forest personnel with vocational studies or specialized medium studies, provided the seniority condition is met.

These are:

- Department I Anieş - 4 forest ranges

- Department II Rotunda - 4 forest ranges

- Brigade III Diaca - 2 forest ranges

The two departments and the forest brigade are organized for the surface of 9191 ha owned by the municipality of Maieru, with attributions assigned for the guard and management of the pastures in their area.


Personnel of the Forest District of Maieru

Neamţ Gavrilă, engineer – Head of district

Croitoru Lucreţia – Chief accountant

Ureche Damaschin, engineer – forest engineer

Ureche Ioan Adrian, engineer - forest engineer

Ureche Vasile – forest technician

Ursa Dorina - forest technician

Bazga Mihai Emil – cashier

Bazga Magdalena - secretary

Negruşer Viluţ – head of department

Vasilica Alexandru - forester

Varvari Iacob I - forester

Bârta Ioan - forester

Varvari Iacob II - forester

Sidor Dorel, engineer – head of department

Partene Victor, engineer – forester

Ureche Ioan, engineer - forester

Sângeorzan Lazăr - forester

Tomoioagă Gavrilă - forester

Vârtic Silviu – junior forester

Jucan Iopnuţ, engineer - forester

Moroşan Iftemie - forester

Vranau Ionel Cristian - driver