Foreign relations

The foreign relations of the town of Maieru are represented by a fraternity relation for 20 years with the town of NORT-SUR-ERDRE (Loire-Atlantique) FRANCE

The fraternity, after its creation, in 1950, preceded, sustained and joined the large currents of international politics; these were created by men, with and for men, who participate – finally – to the foreign policy, the large international currents, allowing to each of us to understand the “stake” by their concrete attendance to the evolution of mankind.

More than 10.000 official fraternity relations are known, where people meet, know each other, enrich permanently their culture, share their experiences, and put into practice their initiatives, trusting their young generations, and achieving joined projects. (quote of the speech of Mme. Nicole Fontaine, vice-president of the European Parliament – 1997).

Fraternities play a determinant role in the democratic progress in Europa, being a valuable source in the cultural, social and economic development of the respective municipalities.

As a conclusion, the reason for what a local council adopts a resolution regarding a fraternity is economic, cultural, help for development, each party having a well-defined role in the ensemble of these relations, and finally finds itself in the execution of such large-scale actions determining a current, a historic idea which changes the culture, the economy and even the policy of a large human community.

The purpose of the fraternity, quoted from the statute of the fraternity committee is to establish relations in the educational, cultural, sportive, associative, economic, ecological, administrative domains for a better knowledge of people.”

In thiscontext, the town of Maieru was visited in 1990, by 4 representatives of the town of Nort-sur-Erdre, region Loire-Atlantique, France, who exposed the principles of a fraternity. Maybe the people of Maieru who were present understood the purpose of this fraternity, therefore the changes of ideas continued in an official manner, as everything was developed by means of the Local Council and Town Hall of Maieru. The legislation in force at that time postponed for a few years the termination of the documents acknowledged by the European Community.

However, in 1991, a group of 9 people of Maieru, named by the mayor, did all their best and went by their means in the French town, coming back with many new friends, which lead to the foundation of a concrete and legal collaboration.

Humanitarian packages were sent for the families in need, named by the founding members of the committee of Maieru.

In 1992, a number of 6 young people from the organization Adjhime – France visited the town of Maieru to know the young people of Maieru.

Under the auspices of the Committees and the French youth association, in 1992 a group of 15 young people of Maieru attend a French-Romanian-German camp in Nort/Erdre in order to maintain an encouraging environment on a French valley. Instruction were granted for the foundation of an association of young people in Maieru.

In 1993 meetings were held in order to prepare the foundation of an Association of young people, which was called “Floare de colt”, directly coordinated by the fraternity committee of the two towns.

In 1994, by a substantial effort of the president of the French Committee, Mrs. Mireille Robin, a Peugeot Fire brigade vehicle arrived in the town, which allowed the Town Hall of Maieru to increase the confidence of the population that these helps are for the benefit of the town.

In 1996, in August, by the fruitful co-operation of the two associations of young people, coordinated by the two committees, 23 French young people arrived in Maieru, on a site to clean Anies Valley, under the direct subordination of the responsible persons of the Forest District Sangeorz-Bai. They remained for 2 weeks in families and tents, by rotation, knowing each other and establishing fruitful relations for the future.

At that time, such relations between youth organizations between the two countries were unique in Romania .

In 1997, by the delegations which joined the humanitarian convoys for the poor families, for hospitals and for the school, there were negotiations to create a new collection services for household garbage, which adumbrated the air of the valleys around Maieru.

The date of 7.03.1997 is memorable, as the Local Council of Maieru, in response to the letter of intention from the Mayor of Nort sur Erdre, adopted the resolution No. 6/1997 regarding the fraternity of the town of Maieru with the town of Nort-sur Erdre, and the statute of the Committee comes into force.

On 25.03.1997 the Local Council of Nort/Erdre adopted the resolution of fraternity with our town.

These documents were submitted for approval to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Department of Public Administration of Romania, which sent their approvals.

Later on, in 27.09.1997 the ceremony of signing the Charta (vow) of the fraternity by the two mayors, Mr. Xavier Amosse for the French party, and Mr. Carbune Ioan for the Romanian party, which occurred in the presence of the representatives of the European Parliament, Romanian Embassy in France, and the local representatives, members of the councils of the two towns.

This ceremony was repeated on 29.05.1998 with a large participation from both towns, as the fraternity present for Maieru was a new tractor with a trailer, purchased in Romania, for the collection of household garbage.

After several exchanges of ideas and specialized consulting, on 25.04.1998, a delegation formed of the mayor, the secretary of Nort sur Erdre and the secretary of Maieru, went to Bruxelles, where the European Comission signed the documents for subsiding a household garbage collection site in Maieru, which turned in the project of ecological collection site for 5 villages upstream Sangeorz-Bai, called « COMA », which was agreed by the four mayors of Maieru, Rodna, Sant, and Sangeorz-Bai.

In 1998, in August, another project of the young people materialized by the attendance of 18 young people of Maieru at a cycling and canoe camp in Nort sur Erdre.


In the next period, the two committees set a program of formation of the teaching staff in the brother towns, as follows:

- in October 1999, a delegation of 8 teaching staff, 3 healthcare staff and 4 clerks in the local public administration of Maieru participate at a professional exchange, each in his/her field;

  • between 29.10 – 4.11.2000, a number of 21 teachers of France arrive in Maieru for professional exchange in education area;

  • between 17.03 – 24.03.2002, a number of 20 teachers of Maieru arrive for professional exchange in the schools of Nort/Erdre;

There was also a balance visit and projects for the future of the mayor of Nort/Erdre, in November 2002 joined by the president of the Committee of Nort/Maieru, who, in a working meeting, concluded there are many things to do, and the activities up to now developed correctly, being agreed by the European Community.

A very important aspect, that all the exchange and visits were intermediated by the Commission of Fraternities of the European Commision, and subsided by it. The subsidies were received in the special account of the Local Council of Maieru and the reports of use of these funds was agreed by the European Commission, as legal.

Other reports were sent to the County Delegation and County Council in connection with the development of such activities.

In this part I wish to inform you that this relation continues, as our communities have the following projects for the next year, that is 2004:

  1. termination of the collection site for household garbage;

  2. termination of a project of founding an ambulatory service in Maieru by the purchase by our „brothers” of an ambulance;

  3. in July 2004 a number of 15 young people and 3 Drench animators attended a camp on Anies Valley;

  4. the termination of the signing of the vow of fraternity between Nort/Erdre with a municipality of Spain, Piedra-Buena, as Maieru would be the “godfather”;

  5. in dec.2004 the organization in Nort sur Erdre of a Romanian week, a cultural project with the attendance of a delegation counting about 35 people of Maieru, (folklore group, wood sculptor, and other folk arts, Romanian kitchen, literature, film, etc.)

We consider it as a benefit, in the spirit of good this massive communication via the fraternity committees, which counts 35 members in Maieru, out of which 13 are founding members, and 12 young people, active between 1991-2004, as it results that the citizens are confident in these relations and manifest periodically their intention to be part of the committee.

The report was presented to the ambassador of France in Bucharest in 2003 by the former president of the fraternity committee Maieru/Nort, Mrs. Edit-Clara Ratiu, Secretary of Maieru.