Considering the position of town of Maieru, the relief and climate conditions, the agriculture cannot be exploited at the highest level, however, it is suitable for animal breeding, potato and corn culture. The large majority of the agricultural grounds are small and medium private properties. The lands are mainly used to cover household needs. Although agriculture is a traditional occupation, this is not for commercial purposes. The villagers do not use chemical fertilizers, consequently the crops are ecological and of higher quality. In the structure of field cultures, corn is dominant, closely followed by potato. Vegetable culture is dominant as activity, however it covers small areas, around the house.

Animal breeding

Animal breeding, likewise the culture of plants, is a basic activity of the villagers, however it does not cover a large scale.

A big advantage for animal breeding is the productivity of the soil for fodder, which means that the farms can develop on the basis of local resources.


There are in the town of Maieru different economic agents with activities in the wood and light industries – textile confections. Stone work has been a traditional occupation for a long time.

Factors favouring the development of the economy:


- the geographic position is a favourable factor in tourism development

- foundation of the vocational post-graduate school with tourism specialization

- existence of tourism resources

- existence of markets not covered by other economic entities for all the types of tourism.