The town of Maieru is composed of 2 settlements, the village of Anieş and the village of Maieru. At present, the town of Maieru has a total of 1923 households and 7382 inhabitants, distributed as follows: Maieru has 1451 households and a population of 5615 inhabitants, and Anieş has 482 households with 1767 inhabitants.

The village have a structure gathered along the rivers and streets, meaning that here is an efficient communication potential. The settlement is rectangular in both cases.

The town of Maieru has not a dominant economic function, but a mixt function, combining agriculture with administration and school. There are few persons specialized in agriculture, however this is an occupation in most households. The same with the persons employed in wood industry, therefore we cannot talk about an economic function of the town, rather than about an activity.

The village of Anieş is not specialized on an economic sector either; however there are settled companies of wood exploitation.


Public endowments in the centre of the town of Maieru:

  •  Churches: two Orthodox churches, one Catholic church, one Pentecostal church, and one kingdom of Jehovah’s witness
  •  Schools: Vocational school of Maieru, with 4 locations
  •  Kindergartens: three private kindergartens
  •  One medical unit with three consulting rooms and two apartments for the personnel
  •  Veterinary clinic
  •  One dentist consulting room
  •  Town Hall– new building
  •  One Police Department
  •  18 shops
  •  6 Restaurants or bars
  •  2 pharmacies
  •  1 branch of “Transilvania” Bank
  •  "Cuibul Visurilor" Museum

Public endowments in the village of Anieş:

  •  One school
  •  One dispensary
  •  Two kindergartens
  •  Churches: one Orthodox Church and one Pentecostal church
  •  Shops: 4
  •  2 restaurants or bars