1. Construction of the Town Hall office

2. Construction of the kindergarten of Maieru

3. Rehabilitation of the School of Maieru

4. Rehabilitation of the School "Iustin Ilieşiu" of Anieş

5. Modernization of the Vocational School of Maieru

6. Rehabilitation and enlargement of the Cultural House of Maieru

7. Modernization of the forest road of "Valea Caselor"

8. Arrangement and modernization of the central area of the town (artesian well, pavings and green areas)

9. Modernization of the road and bridge over the river Valea Caselor

10. Electrical power on "Valea Caselor"

11. Medical consulting room in Anieş

12. Ambulance

13. Endowment with machinery (excavator, special waste collector, fire-fight vehicle)

14. Founding and arrangement of the Forest Administration of Maieru

15. Founding of the guardianship service in Maieru

16. Dentistry consulting room

17. Construction of 8 bridges

18. Street arrangement in Purcioaia district

19. Arrangement of the park

20. Construction of the health house

21. Investment of almost 1 bn RON for the public lighting

22. Construction of the Kindergarten No. 2 of Maieru

23. Rehabilitation and extension of the Cultural house

24. Endowment of the wedding hall

25. Construction of sidewalks of about 1 km

26. Execution of the furniture in the large church and support for the execution of the painting

27. Arrangement of the peripheral streets executing wood embankments

28. Rehabilitation of the railway station building, and re-opening of the booking office

29. Arrangement of the square in the railway station area

30. Arrangement of the wedding hall of Anieş

31. Asphalt work of the church alley

32. Beginning of the modernization works of the road Valea Caselor – the money were achieved via the 35th measure of the SAPARD Programme, dedicated to forest roads

33. Execution of the project to obtain funds for the domestic waters sewage, cleaning plant and street asphalt works, which shall be financed with European funds and which begun in the fall of 2008

34. Opening of a confections section, by closing the old dispensary

35. Payment of the debts existing at the taking of the upon the assumption of the mandate (7 bn)

36. Recovery of 2000 ha of forest

37. Water supply from the incline to the house of Rauca Iosif

38. Embankment of Hantoaia street

39. Execution of embankment on the Valea Pietrilor river

40. Founding of the Vocational post-graduate school of Maieru

41. Endowment with new furniture of the kindergartens and schools both in Maieru and in Anieş

42. Purchase of new furniture at the Culture House of Maieru

43. Bus stations in Maieru and Anieş

44. Construction of two new kindergartens in Anieş and two in Maieru

45. Projects to encourage animal breeders by arranging appropriate shelters up mountains

46. ANL block of flats for rent to young people

47. Embankment at Balasina

48. Foundation of a bank branch in Maieru

49. Endowment of every household with special garbage bins

50. Purchase of snow cleaning machinery

51. Rehabilitation of the museum of Cuibul Visurilor